25 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Libraries Instruction Program supports the educational mission of the university and the missions of the University Libraries for discovery and learning through instructional initiatives that develop skills for information discovery, scholarship, and academic excellence. Working collaboratively with faculty, students, and the community, the Libraries’ Instruction Program promotes critical thinking and challenges learners to consider their role as consumers, producers, and creators of information. Learners will be empowered to effectively identify, find, evaluate, create, and ethically use information in their academic pursuits, in their future careers, and as life-long learners in an information-rich society. We include collaboration in our mission statement and values. Student outreach and experience is also listed in our strategic priorities. While it is not explicit in either mission or vision statements, outreach is explicit within our strategic plan (engagement is one of our eight pillars of excellence). 6. How are your library’s outreach activities funded? Check all that apply. N=57 Library’s central budget 47 83% Special projects or events budget 41 72% Departmental budget 39 68% One-time administrative funds 32 56% Grant funding 28 49% Personal donations 18 32% Other source of funding 16 28% Please briefly describe the other source of funding. N=16 Academic faculties and departments Alumni Association Donor funding through the Friends of the Library Donors and endowments Endowed professorships Friends of the Libraries membership fees (which are counted as donations) Gift funds Graduate Students Organization (GSO) In addition to using departmental budgets, we have an endowed fund that can be used for outreach activities. Large campus-wide events often include the Libraries. They are funded by their sponsoring departments. Other campus units provide funding for events. The Academic Integrity Office hires Library Ambassadors to deliver academic integrity outreach programming in the library. Private sponsorships from business/community Some funds come from special organizations such as the Friends of the Library and a parent group called Aggie Mom’s. The Learning and Outreach unit has two budget lines made up from soft monies from several revenue sources. One-time administrative money is also available for special projects.
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