118 Representative Documents: Outreach Mission and Goals NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION 2018–2022 Strategic Plan | Strategic Goal 2 Connect with Customers https://www.archives.gov/about/plans-reports/strategic-plan Capital Area scouts learn about Patents in the Boeing Learning Center, National Archives Building, Washington, DC. Strategies: Expand use of crowd-sourcing tools to improve public access and engagement. Build capabilities in design and user experience to better understand user needs. Contributing Programs: Office of Innovation. 2.4 By FY 2020, NARA will have policies and processes in place to support Federal agencies’ transition to fully electronic recordkeeping. NARA’s success in meeting its strategic goals and objectives depends on the capability of its customer agencies to transform their programs and systems to support fully-electronic record- keeping. NARA must enhance its support of Federal agency records management officials with effective policies, modern tools, and new services to support the transition to electronic records. Strategies: Conduct a business process reengineering to improve customer-facing functions of the Electronic Records Archive 2.0. Provide Federal agencies with digitization guidance and “success criteria” for managing electronic records. Develop Federal records management requirements and work with Federal and commer­ cial vendors to incorporate the requirements into software applications and cloud offerings. Contributing Programs: Agency Services Information Services. 10
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