144 Representative Documents: Event Planning STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY, SUNY, LIBRARIES 2018–2019 Event Policies & Guidelines 2018-2019 Event Policies & Guidelines Stony Brook University Libraries inspire learning, research, scholarly inquiry and service in an environment dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and information. The University Libraries are engaged in scholarly, cultural and artistic interactions with Stony Brook University, and its regional and global communities. General Policies All events should advance University Libraries’ Strategic directions and guiding principles , and be introduced in that context at the start of each event. This is an opportunity for library faculty liaisons to consider programs and events that will help them cultivate deeper relationships with their academic departments. We also encourage staff members to submit proposals that engage the wider SBU community. We encourage events to be student-centered whenever possible. ‘Student-centered' are events that can be as equally enjoyable as they are informative, and that events are designed to appeal to students. All events involving external departments must acknowledge the University Libraries as co-sponsor or partner in all publicity materials. Event proposals should be submitted using the Event Proposal Form by the deadline given. If there is a request for funding for any honoraria and/or other expenses to be paid to an external guest speaker, 6 months notice is required. The event organizer will receive an email of acceptance, denial, or request for more information prior to semester start date. Review of event proposals will be done a rolling basis. Updated 6/13/18
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