75 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Instruction librarian. The standardized evaluation forms that we use for some outreach workshops were designed by instruction staff for instruction purposes. Because they are standardized, they do not need to be constantly redesigned or recreated. Student success librarian Frequently N=6 Ad hoc committee/team Collaborating faculty Faculty members whose courses engage the library staff and collections. Program leads for special groups such as the Mellon Mayes Scholars. Individual librarians and staff members from a variety of positions Staff member in the learning and outreach unit often assesses outreach events. The outreach coordinator in the liaison department a team within the libraries managing outreach to residential life. 33. Who is responsible for assessing the overall outreach program at your institution? N=56 No one is responsible for overall program assessment at this time 15 27% Other library Administrator 7 13% Outreach head/director/librarian 7 13% Library dean/director 6 11% Assessment librarian or dedicated assessment staff person 5 9% Department head 2 4% Event planning committee 2 4% Communications and marketing staff 2 4% Library event planner 0 Parent institution assessment unit 0 Other individual or group 10 18% Please specify the other individual or group. N=10 A combination of marketing staff, assessment librarian, orientation committee, associate dean of user services, and rare books staff. Assessment happens at the level of the department. At the Brown School Library the library director is responsible for assessing their overall outreach program. There is no one responsible for the overall program assessment at this time with regard to the other campus libraries. More than one of these No one is responsible for overall program assessment at this time. Although we have an assessment staff person, the lack of a coordinated approach to all outreach means there is no coordinated assessment of outreach. Outreach group comprised of faculty and staff.
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