58 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses 23. What personnel support is available to assist with outreach events at your library? Check all that apply. N=57 Facilities personnel 46 81% Administrative assistants 44 77% Student assistants 43 75% Event planning committee 33 58% Library event planner 24 42% Other individual 30 53% Please specify the other individual. N=30 Centralized promotions team and photographer Communication officers Communications Communications and marketing library staff (Creative services). At the Libraries we have a dedicated library marketing professional team that supports outreach activities. Communications and marketing staff Communications and marketing staff Communications and web department Communications team Communications team, librarians, library executive Dependent on time of year and availability of hours, a graduate student employee may be available. Librarians and administration Libraries IT Library Ambassadors Library committee for university orientation Library event planner plans internal events. Event planning committee does not exist. Facilities personnel assists in the same way they would at any other event the Libraries is hosting. Library marketing and communications department Library grantees and contractors Note: while an events committee exists, librarians submitting answers to this survey indicated the committee does not assist with their outreach events. Participants from the library staff as needed engagement librarians Planning committees are sometimes put together per event. Professional staff (associate directors, librarians, library assistants) Staffing for outreach varies across facilities. Student engagement & outreach librarian Student success librarian, communications & marketing manager, development staff, subject librarians
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