79 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
NUL Shared Vision Statement
Culture Change Initiative
February 20, 2014
We are a Library driven by the research, learning, and information needs of
all users, with a primary emphasis on the students, faculty, and staff of
Northwestern University. We are committed to achieving Library goals in
alignment with University goals.
We are a Library whose organizational structure supports our work. We
organize by work activity with an equitable distribution of power that
enables point-of-need decision-making and achievement at all levels of
staff. We appreciate the parts of our organizational structure individually
and holistically. We recognize the contributions of staff in all positions, at
all levels of experience, and of all educational backgrounds. We welcome
collaboration vertically and laterally within our organizational structure.
We are a Library that fosters a collegial, positive, diverse, and inclusive
workplace. We communicate openly, respectfully, transparently, and
constructively. We extend trust to all staff regardless of unit or
organizational level. We take responsibility for our actions and
acknowledge personal accountability to our organization, our stakeholders,
and one another. We maintain fair, ongoing, and honest performance
feedback opportunities and evaluation processes for all staff.
We are a Library that anticipates and addresses the changing needs of our
users. We empower all staff to utilize personal strengths toward
innovation. We espouse nimble decision making with appropriate
deliberation and consultation. We set and achieve tangible goals,
acknowledge milestones, and complete projects. We continually expand
our skill sets through professional development, nurture our competencies,
and value knowledge sharing across all staff.
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