17 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
I serve as diversity officer and chair of the Libraries’ Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.
Leadership team (director and associate directors)
Library administration
Library administration and the Coordinator for Diversity Programs
Library dean
Student organizations
The diversity officer supervises eight staff members in the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
and Diversity Programs.
The Libraries made it a requirement for all faculty and staff to have a diversity commitment statement
in their position description. The statement reads, “This position demonstrates a commitment to
advancing diversity efforts in the Libraries and contributes to an inclusive environment.”
The Library Executive Council, the Budget &Planning managers group, which includes the HR
Director, the Communications Director, and the Finance Director.
University librarian and associate university librarian for administration. We plan to institute a
Diversity Committee for 2017–2018.
University Library &library administration
8. How does the library disseminate the diversity plan? Check all that apply. N=40
Posted on library website 24 60%
Discussed/distributed during new employee orientation 14 35%
Included in recruitment information 13 33%
Included in continuing education for staff 11 28%
Included in library staff handbook 4 10%
Signage 2 5%
Other method 20 50%
Please briefly describe the other method. N=20
Affirmative Action Plan, performance review form, weekly email newsletter to all staff
Agenda topic in libraries-wide meeting of department heads
As part of the Libraries Strategic Directions
Developing mechanisms for updating and sharing the plan.
Dissemination is under discussion.
Diversity goals are incorporated into our most recent strategic plan.
Diversity Plan is still in progress. TBD how it will be disseminated.
Email, meeting minutes
Liaison activities, volunteer days, engagement with other centers on campus, including the Netter
Center for Community Partnerships
Library intranet
Not coordinated yet in our staff development.
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