23 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Group or Individual Plan Deliver N
Diversity Committee or other related group 43 36 44
HR/Personnel Officer 39 27 39
Diversity Officer 17 17 18
Staff Development Officer 13 10 13
Multicultural/Diversity Librarian 7 7 7
Other individual or group 37 42 44
Total Respondents 65 62 65
If you selected “Other individual or group” above, please briefly describe the other individual or
group and their role. N=44
Plan only N=2
Our Training Steering Committee has primarily been responsible for planning these activities in
cooperation with library HR. Campus professionals have been the ones to provide the training.
Some events are proposed and planned by the library’s dean and delivered by the university’s Chief
Diversity Officer and other Office of Diversity staff.
Deliver only N=7
Campus partners
Campus partners, such as dean of students, Students with Disabilities Division of Diversity and
Cultural Engagement and Center for Women and Gender Studies often provide timely training for us.
Chief Administrative Officer
Employee affinity groups
Our library employs a training analyst who is responsible for the delivery of a variety of training.
Staff from university’s equity and inclusion office, external speakers, iSchool students, and other
library employees
We have other people from across campus who present on the topics listed. We also occasionally invite
outside groups for presentations.
Plan and Deliver N=35
Administration, interested staff
All departments in the library are encouraged to consider issues of diversity and inclusion and organize
programming as appropriate. For example, Collection Development might organize a workshop on
ensuring diverse perspectives are included when selecting books.
Besides the initiatives implemented by our diversity team, other individuals across the library have
developed diversity related projects/initiatives.
Career Development and Mentoring Committee, Library Forum
Center heads, community activists, politicians, etc. come by to discuss diversity initiatives with staff.
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