54 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We have started internal Safe Space Dialogues to allow library employees to openly express how
such issues impact them and their lives in a safe and supportive environment. We have reached out to
student organizations to offer library space for social justice activity. We have sought out social justice
focused programs and have built social justice focused exhibits.
We have tried to host educational events and opportunities for employees to get support.
We have tried to provide opportunities for individuals, both users and staff, to share and address
their concerns, such as comment boards, discussions, and providing quality information to
counteract misinformation.
We provide space for student organizations.
We regular host table talks and forums regarding current issues, usually through our Russell Political
Library. Recently, the UGA Press (which is part of the Libraries organizationally) published the
Charleston Syllabus and held a symposium. Inspired by the #CharlestonSyllabus hashtag campaign
born in the wake of the June 17 massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, this symposium
was open to UGA students and faculty to come together to discuss the current state of race relations,
racial violence, and civil rights activism in the US. The program featured speakers including historians,
activists, etc.
We support institutional initiatives that are formulated by relevant campus partners.
We’ve not directly addressed.
33. Please briefly describe how these movements have affected your diversity plans/programs. N=33
Accelerated them.
An increased awareness in the local community of the Libraries’ commitment to diversity
and inclusion.
As the library has become more cognizant of the issues, the library has become determined to ensure
that all students, faculty, staff, and community know that we are a safe and welcoming space.
Heightened awareness and created greater urgency to create such programs.
Increased awareness of student interest in using the library space in this way.
Increased interest and participation
It has moved our focus from just being on diversity (meaning the presence of diversity) to also being
focused on equity and inclusion.
Little affect.
Made our diversity plan a priority, not just nice to have on the shelf.
More discussion of librarians’ roles in social justice movements.
N/A. There are no plans in progress.
No affect
No affect so far
No change that we can see, except perhaps a greater need to have more diversity plans/programs.
Not affected our programs.
One reason for the rewrite of our plan is to cover a broader scope of issues and concerns not only for the
Libraries, but the campus and the broader social issues.
Peripherally informed our thinking, not directly impacted our content.
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