19 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Ongoing - it’s a set of living documents.
Our committee will revise/review the plan every year.
Our plan is reviewed and if needed revised annually by the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.
Part of the Strategic Diversity Plan subcommittee work is to set the guidelines for updating and
reviewing the plans.
Plan is reviewed as necessary by the Diversity and Inclusion Team.
Prior to 2008, the plan was updated every few years. Updating will be responsive to university
review cycles.
The plan has been updated every two years. Times change and so must goals and initiatives. New to the
latest plan are current awareness/outreach initiatives beyond the campus committee. A new initiative
is underway that will result in a significant update to the plan when it is completed. One member of
the library faculty is carrying out a systematic investigation of social justice initiatives in academic
libraries. This work goes beyond the scope of committee volunteers, but will inform the work of the
committee in developing social justice initiatives that are appropriate and effective in our institution
and also informed by work being done by our peers.
The plan is reviewed annually at the beginning of the new fiscal year when new members join.
The strategic plan is updated annually. A new strategic plan is to be developed in 2022.
There is no set timeline to review/update the diversity plan. However, one of the recommendations
of the diversity plan was to form a diversity committee. The diversity committee members are
appointed for a 2-year period. At that point the diversity plan is expected to be reviewed/updated by the
diversity committee.
Three years (e.g., 2017–2020 plan being drafted now).
We review our plan annually. We look to see if we met our goals for the year and we identify new goals
for the upcoming year.
Yearly (with reviews quarterly)
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As yet, the library does not have its own specific diversity program, apart from the university’s
diversity initiatives.
The cycle of diversity goal writing and reflection is the same as the library performance management
goal writing and reflection cycle.
The development of the plan is in progress but once created it will be a separate document and
initiatives will be included in the next strategic plan. It will also include diversity definition, goals,
strategies, mission statement, etc.
The diversity committee disbanded in 2008 and they had been the primary drivers of changes in the
unit plan.
The task force recommendations and report created the structure to assist the libraries in going deeper
into this process.
There are more pressing priorities at the Libraries and university.
There is no formal review process as directed by the university, however the Libraries’ Diversity &
Inclusive Excellence Working Group will assess the objectives and goals laid out in the plan on an
annual basis.
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