11 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
If the library is developing a diversity/inclusion plan, please answer as many of the following questions as
possible at this time.
2. Which entity instigated the development of the plan? Check all that apply. N=36
Library administration 24 67%
Parent institution 17 47%
Library Human Resources officer/unit 7 19%
Other entity 11 31%
Please specify the other entity. N=11
A group who was working on other diversity issues came up with this idea. Therefore, truly a grassroots
effort by staff that was supported by administration.
Currently, we are not developing a diversity plan.
Diversity Action Committee (a Libraries committee)
Individual librarians formed a Diversity Caucus that developed into a formal group as part of the
committee structure.
Library Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
Library Diversity and Inclusion Council
National conversations and protests about race and violence towards people of color, including the
chancellor’s November 11, 2015, town hall discussion on race, respect, and responsibility, and students’
responses to the town hall.
Our plan was developed as part of strategic planning efforts in the Libraries.
The development of a new plan is a convergence of changes in the university’s plan, renewed interest
from unit faculty and staff, and direction from the dean.
The Libraries’ Group of Library Diversity
The library is starting to develop a plan for diversity.
3. In the last five years, has your parent institution developed diversity initiatives or issued
directives that have impacted your library diversity plan? N=47
Yes 41 87%
No 6 13%
If yes, please briefly describe those initiatives/directives and how they impacted the library plan.
A new strategic plan was developed that specifically included diversity initiatives.
Campus created a Diversity Framework, which included framework goals. They then created a R.E.E.L
change model (Retain, Equip, Engage, Lead). The library used these documents when creating the
Diversity Task Force document and recommendations.
Challenging each college and department to further diversity and inclusion on our campus and
collaborate with other colleges and departments to do so.
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