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Library Mentorship Program Proposal
Library Mentorship Program Proposal
Library Mentoring Committee:
The Mentoring Committee will be comprised of 4 volunteers selected by the Associate Director of
Administration. They will maintain and expand the mentor list for the General Library System and assign
mentees when a new staff member is hired within the first two months of hire.
Role of Library Mentoring Committee:
1. Establish program, documentation, training materials, and maintain web presence
2. Recruit mentors
3. Develop criteria and evaluate the goals and objectives of the participants in order to match
mentors and mentees
4. Match mentor and mentees
5. Train new mentors based on program documentation
6. Encourage and support leadership development for staff within GLS
7. Provide discussion points and topics of interests to mentors and mentees as opportunities
8. Review end of the year mentor and mentee feedback (survey, report, etc.) for the purpose
of program assessment
Library Mentorship Program:
The General Library System Mentorship program provides a method of introducing and encouraging
experienced GLS librarians and other library personnel (all employees with year appointments at 50% or
greater are eligible) to work together, to network, and to create a supportive GLS organization. Mentors
and mentees will communicate throughout the year with the goal of helping mentees learn about the
library organization. The Program is designed to help library staff succeed, empower them within the
GLS organization, and promote a sense of belonging. Participation in the program is voluntary.
The Library Mentorship Committee will pair mentors with their mentees based on expertise and need.
They will facilitate all steps of the introductory process and be available throughout the year for
assistance to both the mentees and mentors. All participants are asked to recognize that participating in
this program involves a time commitment and a commitment to your mentor/mentee.
What is mentoring?
Support and Caring
Networking Assistance for Mentee
What is not mentoring?
Spending more time than you have
Just advising
A lengthy and exhausting relationship
Reserved for experts
Hard work
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