32 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
16. Please identify the funding source. Check all that apply. N=35
General library budget 34 97%
Parent institution resources 13 37%
Private foundation grants 7 20%
Federal grants 3 9%
State grants 1 3%
Other source of funding 7 20%
Please briefly describe the other source of funding. N=7
ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce (one award to a staff member)
Dean’s discretionary stipend gift funds
Donors are given the opportunity to contribute to the diversity fund and have done so in the past.
Private donors and revenue generated from library activities.
The generosity of the Libraries’ Board funds many of our diversity programs.
The Library of Congress general budget funds the eight-person Office of Equal Opportunity and
Diversity Programs as well as numerous training and awareness events for staff. Occasional private
donations also fund events and exhibitions. The Library of Congress identifies need and then seeks a
donor if the event cannot be funded within the congressionally appropriated budget.
There is also a dean’s discretionary fund that has been used for DEI efforts such as facilitation training,
which is intended to be applied for both meeting facilitation and diversity facilitation.
17. Please identify which activities the funding supports. Check all that apply. N=35
Professional development 27 77%
Workshops 25 71%
Program development 24 69%
Leadership development programs 22 63%
Recruitment efforts 21 60%
Travel 20 57%
Campus outreach 14 40%
Retention efforts 12 34%
Community outreach 10 29%
Research leave/time off 7 20%
Other activity 5 14%
Please briefly describe the other activity. N=5
Librarian working on a federally funded grant documenting the Black Lives Matter movement. Grant
funding has also supported an oral history project that has made special efforts to capture the stories of
those from underrepresented groups.
Library residency program
Support for tuition for one course per semester at accredited institutions
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