134 Representative Documents: Diversity &Inclusion Committee Charges
University Libraries Diversity Council Charter
University Libraries Diversity Council Charter
The thirteen member University Libraries Diversity Council is a standing group reporting to the Dean of
the Libraries. The Council supports Virginia Tech’s strategic plan goal to “foster a diverse and inclusive
community that supports mutual respect” in the University Libraries and the Virginia Tech community.
Council members will:
Review the library’s climate survey results focusing on diversity related items and suggest
appropriate actions
Establish annual goals for the Council at the beginning of each academic year
Issue an annual report of its activities and progress in achieving stated goals
Develop strategies to improve recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce in the libraries
Provide and promote educational opportunities on Inclusion and Diversity in the libraries
Provide information to InclusiveVT or other campus entities as requested
Advise the Dean of the Libraries on matters regarding Inclusion and Diversity
Align Library Diversity Council initiatives with InclusiveVT
Emphasize inclusion and diversity activities that relate to university programs
Review the charter annually
Co-Chairs/ Members:
The Council Chair, Vice Chair, and Chair-elect will be elected by the body
The thirteen members will be selected as follows:
One member will be the Director of Planning &Branch Operations who has been given oversight to
Diversity Initiatives in the Library (ineligible to hold office).
One member will be selected by LSA as their elected representative.
One member will be selected by LFA as their elected representative.
The Director of the following departments will each select one representative:
1. Collections &Technical Services
2. Digital Strategy and Outreach and Dean’s Office
3. Information Technology Services
4. Learning
5. Planning &Branch Operations
6. Research &Informatics
7. Special Collections
One member will be the current Diversity Alliance Residency Librarian (ineligible to hold office).
The Dean of the Libraries, or his proxy, will select a faculty and a staff member as the two
remaining at-large committee members.
Council Member terms are three years alternating and they may volunteer for additional terms.
Council meetings will occur at least six times a year. The Diversity Council will present at the Library
Council meeting at least once a year.
Revised June 2016
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