53 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
others created lactation rooms in two of the busiest libraries on campus added new gender inclusive
restrooms on two of the largest libraries on campus hosted a Standing Rock Teach-in produced a
public display of support for Pulse nightclub victims in Orlando, FL posting public “all are welcome”
signage following the January 27, 2017 Executive Order, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist
Entry into the United States supported library faculty and staff attending BLM and Trans rights
events on campus
Staff have been encouraged to contribute and participate various outreach efforts including
bookmobiles, creating a political action space.
The agency’s employee affinity groups have hosted and promoted events to respond to
social movements.
The diversity committee has had several open forums for staff to discuss and reflect in a safe non-
judgmental space. The sessions have been successful.
The expanded collaborations, community engagement, and partnerships mentioned above result from
growing awareness and commitment to the role of libraries in social justice.
The Libraries align with the university’s broader response.
The Libraries faculty and staff have participated in planning and delivery of programs, (including
providing technical support and facilities space to various campus groups) addressing Black Lives
Matter, immigration, disability awareness, and Rise Above Week, which is designed to provide
opportunities for the university community to dialogue about how to further justice and eradicate
oppression. The Libraries have participated in the campus initiative related to Social Justice Day by
creating an online presence to highlight campus research and library collections on the following
themes: (1) Immigration in the 21st Century (2) Economic Development and Inequality (3)
Environmental Justice (4) Creating Healthy Communities and (5) Media and Inequality.
The Libraries has at least one librarian working on documenting social movements such as Black Lives
Matter. These social movements and the current political climate have created increased awareness
of issues relating to diversity and inclusion. As a result, staff have been asking for and creating
training and programming. Topics have included de-escalation, implicit bias, and women in STEM/
making fields.
The library has hosted programs and created a new program series to provide safe spaces for having
conversations about these issues. We also participate in campus conferences to discuss effective
approaches when confronted with race, social, and environmental justice situations.
The library has not as an organization responded to specific social movements such as the ones listed.
Too many actions to list. We have very engaged faculty librarians who have the academic freedom to
pursue interests.
We created an online and physical book display on Black Lives Matter.
We have decided to display our Principles of Community, a university-wide statement that addresses
inclusivity, in the public areas of the library.
We have had discussions regarding the Orlando tragedy, immigration, and DACA concerns.
We have not done much in this area.
We have not responded as an organization but we do have librarians and staff who participate on
their own.
We have offered programming and participated in campus activities.
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