45 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Answered Not Yet N=10
As part of our annual retention analysis we will try to look at available demographic information.
Not developed yet.
On-boarding, stay interviews, supervisor incentives
Same as above. This sounds like an approach we will be able to implement now that we hired an
assessment coordinator. We are interested in a more systematic approach and have the opportunity to
implement it.
The Diversity &Inclusion Working Group is making a recommendation to measure and evaluate
retention, but not exactly sure what that will look like, yet.
This will follow from our interaction with the Office of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs.
Through the strategic plan for targeted outreach and recruitment we will have measures to evaluate
our efforts.
We anticipate establishing measurable goals based on results of a staff climate survey administered this
past spring.
We don’t have an established assessment strategy, yet, to evaluate the success of diversity recruitment
efforts, however we are developing library-wide assessment strategies and diversity-related efforts will
be one of the assessment areas.
We will be looking at the retention numbers for staff vs. the retention numbers for our diverse
employees. We will continue to do both stay and exit interviews on their experience working for us,
including what went well and what we could have done better.
Answered No N=2
Parent institutions does this.
We measure our race/ethnicity annually. Too early to see the results. We hope the diversity alliance
residency program will help with the future of our libraries.
28. Has your library assessed the workplace climate? N=68
Yes 46 68%
Not yet, but we plan to 12 18%
No 10 15%
If yes or you plan to, which method(s) has the library used? Check all that apply. N=50
Survey developed by the parent institution 24 48%
Survey developed by the library 19 38%
ClimateQUAL™ 19 38%
Other method 11 22%
Please briefly describe the other method. N=11
Baldrige Assessment
Creation of the Diversity &Inclusion Working Group
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