13 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
the Libraries; (2) to assist search committees in the recruitment of a diverse pool of candidates for
positions at the Libraries; (3) to establish and maintain a welcoming and respectful environment for all
library employees and patrons.
One of our core values is to foster a work environment that is free from discrimination and promotes
equal, fair, and inclusive employment opportunities for the best and brightest talent available regardless
of their difference.
Our parent institution has been developing diversity initiatives for a long time. However, in the past few
years there have been a great number of initiatives focused on various aspects of diversity.
Parent institution has hired university diversity officer, required each school/college to appoint a
diversity officer. Created a Council of Academic Diversity Officers and University Diversity Committee.
Each group has initiatives and goals.
Practices are embedded in the university’s workforce management hiring and recruitment workflow.
Set broad targets for % of minority in each job category across the university.
The focus of the university’s plan has not changed in recent years, but the standards and approach for
demonstrating progress have been changing.
The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity serves as a resource to the university in the
interpretation, understanding, and application of federal and state equal opportunity and affirmative
action laws and regulations. Ultimately, the office supports the university’s mission by providing
strategic leadership in the development of policies, procedures, and programs that will help foster
diversity, inclusiveness, and a welcoming environment for faculty, staff, students, and others. The
library has followed the new office and began adapting HR policies to reflect these changes.
The library plan was created at the request of the campus diversity initiative.
The Netter Center, Greenfield Intercultural Center, Women’s Center, and various other centers,
student-led committees, administrative efforts have all led to collaborations and institution-wide
initiatives that have propelled our diversity efforts.
The parent institution of the Library of Congress is of course the United States Congress. The Library
of Congress is responsive to congressional legislation. In addition, the Library of Congress implemented
its Multi-Year Affirmative Employment Program Plan from 2011 through 2016.
The primary directive that impacts the Libraries’ plan was that the president now includes a diversity
and inclusion initiatives section in the annual report from all deans, department heads, associate
provosts, VPs, etc. This actually assists us in ensuring that our goals/initiatives are executed.
The university began a campus wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion campaign in 2015. This included a
requirement that all units, schools, and colleges develop their own diversity plan.
The university has an office of Multicultural & Diversity Affairs that is housed with the Division of
Student Affairs. The mission is to lead efforts in social justice and inclusion. The Libraries’ Strategic
Directions 2014–2017 include statements about he promoting both external and internal efforts to
support the diverse university community.
The university has diversity as a strategic initiative. The university has a diversity counsel.
The university launched a diversity strategic planning initiative in 2009. After the resulting Diversity
Strategic Plan 2012, each major academic and administrative unit appointed a diversity officer,
established a committee, and developed a related diversity strategic plan. The Diversity Department
Committee chairs convene monthly for a meeting led by the Vice Provost for Diversity and Senior
Advisor to the Chancellor and Office of Diversity staff.
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