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Library Faculty Mentoring Program
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Library Faculty Mentoring Program
Revised January 2015
Purpose of the Mentoring Program
To assist untenured, tenure-track librarians in orientation and assimilation into the
TAMU library and university culture.
To help librarians achieve their potential as library faculty members.
To encourage librarians to conduct research, initiate projects, and publish
accounts of their work.
To assist and advise untenured, tenure-track librarians in moving through the
promotion and tenure process.
To foster professional activities and growth.
Operation and Management of the Mentoring Program
As stated in the Library Faculty Bylaws, the program is managed by the Library
Mentoring Committee (LMC).
Membership: Three tenured or tenure-track faculty members elected at large
from the Library faculty at least two of whom are tenured, and an ex-officio
member: the Associate Dean for Administrative and Faculty Services.
Terms: The Associate Dean for Administrative and Faculty Services serves by
virtue of their position and is a non-voting member; elected members serve two
year terms. The committee will elect a chair and a secretary.
The committee will:
Make mentoring assignments, update the official Mentor/Protégé Assignment
Roster, adjust assignment loads, and track progress of assignments.
Coordinate mentoring assignments with the library’s Business Office for purposes
of ensuring that stipends are properly credited to mentors.
Encourage the mutually beneficial partnership by encouraging educational or
sharing opportunities.
Review and maintain the Mentoring web page on the Intranet.
Hold sessions for mentors and/or protégés to develop skills and discuss best
Make necessary adjustments to assignments.
Conduct annual mentoring assignment assessments.
Seek feedback on the mentoring process and communicate this information as
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