147 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Library Mentorship Program Proposal
2. After being matched with a mentor, mentees will initiate contact with email introducing
themselves, where they work in the GLS, and any other interests they would like to share.
3. Mentors will respond with a similar introductory email and suggest times to meet within the
next few weeks.
4. Develop outline of goals, objectives, and guidelines for your mentorship year. Include important
dates to stay on track and how often you plan to meet. Share the outline with your liaison to the
Library Mentorship Committee, who is available to assist you as needed.
5. Provide requested feedback (meeting, survey, report, etc.) at the end of the year to the Library
Mentoring Committee to help improve program.
Suggested Activities for Mentors and Mentees:
1. Attend campus meetings and events together.
2. Explore professional development opportunities.
3. Discuss perceptions of the campus library community, campus staff issues, instructional
opportunities, and professional organizations.
4. Share information about social or entertainment opportunities on campus, insights about the
Madison community.
Mentor Application Process:
New hires who meet the criteria for participation in the mentorship program will receive information
about the program in their orientation packets from the GLS Administration Office. Interested
employees should complete the online survey at: [URL for Qualtrics survey]
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