34 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Funding provided by the Libraries administration to support education/training workshops, Town
Hall meeting, focus groups, etc. Library Staff Research Fund to support scholarly research on diversity
issues. Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers the following grant programs to encourage diversity/
inclusion initiatives/programs on campus: Moving Maryland Forward and Rise Above Grants.
Our development officer is continually looking for donors to support our diversity programs of
Information Specialist Internship Program, (ISIP) aimed at second and third year undergraduates from
diverse backgrounds and the Diversity Resident Librarian.
Our Diversity Council does not have regular funding for programs, recruitment/retention, or
workshops. We request funding from the dean of libraries on an ad hoc basis.
The dean has funds available for staff development that can be requested for diversity/inclusion
programs on a case-by-case basis.
The library development office is fully aware of diversity initiatives that may be attractive to donors.
When they encounter a donor with diversity related interests, they meet with the Diversity and
Inclusion Specialist to discuss the possibilities.
The main diversity/inclusion funding initiatives indicated above have been mostly in support of our
library residency program, including enhanced professional development support and attendance at
specific programs (e.g., the MN Institute for Early Career Librarians) for the participating residents.
We have used other discretionary funds to support separate events, such as a recent visit by a cultural
diversity consultant, but aside from the residency program we do not have any funds specifically
dedicated to diversity/inclusion initiatives/programs. Aside from funding the library residency
program, there is no specific funding set aside for other diversity/inclusion related programs. If a
program is proposed, funding is provided on a one-time basis.
There is not institutional funding dedicated to all diversity programs, but there are opportunities to
request additional funding.
We are actively seeking development dollars to support some programming.
Answered No N=6
Funding can be provided if justified.
Funding is available, but it is not a dedicated line.
Over the past five years, the dean of libraries has used unrestricted gift funds to support diversity/
inclusion initiatives and programs. This includes activities such as providing the Library Diversity
Committee with a small budget, sponsoring staff members to attend the 2016 National Diversity in
Libraries Conference, and paying for workshops on creating cohesive communication in the library.
The Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Working Group was established in January 2017 thus no previous
budget was established. A budget of $2600 has been requested to support programming efforts for
fiscal year 2018. At the time of survey completion budgets for FY18 have not yet been determined.
The Libraries collaborate with parent organizations such as the Disability Resource Center,
Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, Office of Graduate Minority Programs, International
Student Services, the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, and Training and
Organizational Development.
The library offers a named scholarship/assistantship that supports library employment of a student
registered with the institution’s Disability Services.
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