65 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Inclusive Excellence Plan for the University Libraries
modify our spaces to address the evolving needs of our students. Our libraries provide safe,
welcoming, and respectful environments for all students and the campus community.
Providing scholarly resources involves the thoughtful and deliberate work of the University
Libraries to enable access and discovery of information to broad and diverse student
populations. Supporting and promoting a campuswide Open Access policy, standardizing the
purchase of DVDs to include closed captioning, and proposing new subject headings to the
Library of Congress to further discovery of distinctive materials are examples that demonstrate
the comprehensive effort the University Libraries take to enhance access and discovery of
information in an inclusive manner.
University Libraries Goals for Enhancing Inclusive Excellence
Inclusive Spaces:
As high-impact, prominent spaces on campus, identify and address the
need for gender neutral bathrooms within library spaces.
Continue assessment of spaces for ADA compliance and accessibility.
Dynamic Partnership:
Continue to foster partnerships with campus and student organizations,
formally or informally
Explore providing employees with training opportunities that address
inclusivity in customer service and supporting diverse and distinctive
Access to Information
Continue emphasis and assessment of inclusivity in access to resources
including improved discovery and universal design.
Inclusive Excellence within University Libraries:
Continue to foster and build community among those within the University
Libraries, enhancing cross-departmental collaboration and
Re-establish a standing committee for Diversity &Inclusive Excellence
carrying out inclusive excellence actions.
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