67 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
George A. Smathers Libraries Strategic Directions
UF Mission
“The University of Florida is a
comprehensive learning institution built
on a land grant foundation. We are The
Gator Nation, a diverse community
dedicated to excellence in education
and research and shaping a better
future for Florida, the nation and the
world. Our mission is to enable our
students to lead and influence the next
generation and beyond for economic,
cultural and societal benefit.”
Smathers Libraries Mission
The Smathers Libraries partner with
UF faculty, students and staff, as well
as the University’s collaborators and
constituents, to facilitate knowledge
creation that contributes to UF’s
standing as a preeminent public
research university. The Libraries
encourage creativity and inquiry
necessary to support the University’s
global ambitions and play an important
role in attracting and retaining top
students, faculty and staff.
Smathers Libraries Vision
The Libraries ignite curiosity, serve as
the locus of knowledge management,
and promote intellectual exchange
within our diverse global learning
Cover photo © UF Photography Eric Zamora
To accomplish its mission and vision, the Smathers Libraries will:
Offer key services at the point of need to meet the requirements of the
University enterprise
Initiate and participate in collaboration and community building
Assure effective, efficient and equitable access to pertinent information
resources for all library users
The Smathers Libraries will leverage our unique expertise, skill
and role on campus to:
Promote a productive, diverse and team-based working and learning
Foster an internal environment with equal partnership among
all employees, based on the principles and practices of courtesy,
professionalism and mutual respect
Focus on the user experience and user needs for decision making
Engage in assessment and evidence based decision making
Innovate, experiment and adapt
The Smathers Libraries have identified four strategic directions:
Integrated Space, Technology, and Services
Creative and Dynamic Content Management
Digital and Digitized Collections
Transformative Collaboration
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