18 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Posted on internal library website; shared on internal library all employee listserv; shared with campus
leadership and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement.
Posted on Libraries’ Diversity Advisory Committee Intranet site, which is available to all library faculty
and staff. Updates to plan shared with senior leadership and with library employees at our library-wide
assembly meeting as needed.
Posted on library intranet.
Promoting statement of commitment to diversity on signs, screensavers, and digital boards. The
handbook is currently being updated. Created a new commitment to diversity statement, which is
included in all recruitments and position descriptions.
The current “live” version is on the intranet.
The plan and specific goals and initiatives are discussed regularly at the monthly meetings of the
library leadership group, the Steering Committee. Comprised of unit heads and administrative staff, the
Steering Committee advises and also supports diversity initiatives. The 2017 update of the plan includes
specific initiatives for posting on the library website, adding it to recruitment information, and more
systematically communicating about it in the library electronic and print newsletters.
The university strategic plan is posted on the university website.
Training opportunities for staff members to attend.
We have not disseminated the diversity plan widely, but that is a next step.
9. Is this plan reviewed and/or updated periodically? N=43
Yes 21 49%
Not yet, but it will be 20 47%
No 2 5%
If the plan is or will be reviewed periodically, please briefly describe the frequency of review and
revision. N=23
3 years
4 to 5 years. We are currently updating the plan.
Accomplishments and movement on the goals of the plan are updated periodically throughout the
academic year. An overview of accomplishments and goal attainment is updated at the end of each
academic year. An update of strategic diversity goals is made at the beginning of each academic year as
a part of the library goal setting process.
Each year we hold a Lessons Learned session with members of Diversity Action Committee. This
information helps us improve what we offer and provide to staff members.
Every 3 years
Every 5 years by Diversity Committee and administration
Every 5 years: being reviewed now for revision.
Evolving document and planning is on going.
If it is tied to our strategic plan, it is reviewed when the plan is renewed. If the plan is tied to the
working group, it is generally reviewed when there is a significant change in the working group, such as
leadership or in the direction of the effort.
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