165 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Resident Librarian
Resident Librarian
Summary of Position
The Temple University Libraries Residency, open to recent graduates (last 1-5 years) of ALA-accredited
master’s degree programs, offers professional experience and the opportunity to be mentored in a
technology-rich, academic research library. The residency program supports the Libraries’ commitment
to build a diverse staff, and is a member of the ACRL’s Diversity Alliance. The two-year residency is
designed to meet both the professional goals and interests of the Residents as well as the service and
operational priorities of the Libraries. In the first year, the Residents will work in multiple functional
areas, reporting up through the department head. With over 20 possible units to select from, areas of
focus will be determined mutually by the Residents’ interests and the needs of the Libraries. In the
second year, the Residents will be expected to plan and execute a major project. Residents will provide
service and gain valuable experience in multiple facets of academic librarianship through this process.
The Residents will serve on library committees. Performs other duties as assigned.
Essential Functions of Position
*Works in a variety of units of the Libraries contributing to operations and special projects in each area.
Each rotation will provide opportunities for exploration and service, helping the Residents to identify
areas of interest and strength for future career choices.
*Works under the guidance of senior librarians during rotation assignments. Co-develops
responsibilities, expectations, and projects for each rotation assignment with senior librarians and
*Participates actively in Libraries’ committees, councils and task forces.
*Delivers presentations, attends national and regional conferences, and/or writes for professional
*In the second year, the Residents will complete a significant yearlong project in one particular area of
the Libraries.
Education &Experience
ALA-accredited Master’s degree in Library Science, awarded no later than August, 2017.
Required Skills &Abilities
*Strong interest in the pursuit of a career in academic librarianship.
*General knowledge of print and electronic information resources.
*Ability to work successfully in a collegial team environment.
*An ability to adapt to varying work and management styles is highly desired this program is designed
around an employee working in several departments within the library.
*Interest in lifelong learning and in contributing to the profession through research projects and
scholarly communication.
*An interest in professional development, research and scholarship.
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