16 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Climate survey, focus groups, affinity groups, subcommittees
Definition of Inclusive Excellence for the Libraries
Diversity Librarian position was not replaced.
Equity offices provide resources and conduct education and awareness initiatives on how to best realize
the university’s commitment to equity, diversity, and human rights and provide guidance on specific
issues as they arise.
Explicit references to the university’s plan from that time; an indication of how success would
be measured.
It includes a brief summary of the campus process, documents, and approach to diversity, inclusion, and
equity at the university, as well as a brief history of the library’s efforts in this area.
Many statements refer to the “diverse global learning community” and meeting “diverse user needs”.
Other elements of our plan include guidelines for membership, outreach and collaboration, professional
development, recruitment, and assessment.
Our working group is tasked with providing recommendations for a diversity plan, and all of these
elements will be included. We will recommend a paid position dedicated to diversity/inclusion
initiatives, but it is a reach. We also will include a recommendation for additional programming for
faculty and students.
Reporting requirements for diversity accountability
Signature diversity initiatives that are on-going.
Social events, community engagement possibilities, donor relations.
The Library of Congress mission statement applies to its Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and
Diversity Programs.
Values statement is included in strategic plan.
7. What group/individual is responsible for implementing the diversity plan? Check all that apply.
Diversity Committee or other related group 32 76%
HR/Personnel officer 27 64%
Diversity officer 15 36%
Staff Development officer 2 5%
Multicultural Librarian 1 2%
Other individual or group 18 43%
Please briefly describe the other individual or group. N=18
Administration, Equity Advisor
All library employees
All staff members, individual libraries
All those involved in recruitment or hiring
AUL in charge of community outreach
Depending on the initiative, all designated levels of staff, faculty librarians, and administrators. The
overall plan is the library administration’s responsibility.
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