41 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
We include our diversity statement in all of our recruitment postings.
24. Has your library made any changes to these programs over the last five years that have improved
retention outcomes? N=50
Yes 10 20%
No 40 80%
If yes, please briefly explain the changes. N=10
Ensuring that all staff go to the orientation program for new staff versus allowing it to be optional.
Have our diversity residents focus work in a department rather than across several departments.
Implemented diversity residency program.
More support for professional development in general and leadership development in particular.
Opportunities have increased at the institutional level.
Our writing group was established three years ago. It has been very successful in helping our new hires
work through the promotion and tenure process.
Too recent to evaluate.
We continually assess to make any needed updates.
We have added an element in our annual performance review process, calling for each staff member to
identify learning goals in this area. Also, we have earmarked travel funding to support attendance at
D&I programs, in addition to the support we have always offered for attending professional conferences
and job-related training events.
We joined the ACRL Diversity Alliance last year and significantly modified the residency program.
Additional comments N=2
There are more programs and less retention. The path to success requires excellence in librarianship,
significant accomplishment in scholarship, and acceptable service. It is a challenging journey for all.
These programs have been very recently implemented.
25. Has your library encountered any obstacles to retaining a diverse group of employees? N=55
Yes 24 44%
No 31 56%
If yes, please briefly describe the obstacle and any success the library has had in overcoming it.
A previous staff member had difficulty with connecting with individuals from their culture. They
suggested that we provide at minimum a list of community resources for diverse employees as part
of onboarding.
Assisting residents in finding permanent employment.
Campus and community climate lack of targeted retention programs for library employees lack of
specific goals for recruitment and retention of various groups.
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