35 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
20. Has your library developed any strategies specifically to increase the pool of ethnically/culturally
diverse job applicants? N=68
Yes 54 80%
Not yet, but we plan to 7 10%
No 7 10%
If yes, please indicate which of the following strategies your library has used. Check all that apply.
Also indicate up to three of the strategies the library has used that have been most successful.
Train search committee members on how to develop an diverse
candidate pool
42 16
Target job ads to participants in programs such as Spectrum, ARL
programs, etc.
41 13
Support ARL initiatives intended to attract diverse individuals to the
41 11
Offer a post-LIS residency program for diverse individuals 21 14
Partner with professional, local, or student organizations to aide in the
recruitment of diverse individuals to the profession
20 3
Partner with LIS program to offer a practicum experience to diverse
14 3
Provide financial support to diverse staff to attend LIS programs 14 4
Support LIS scholarships intended to attract diverse individuals to the
13 2
Offer a pre-LIS fellowship or internship program for diverse individuals 8 4
Other strategy 19 4
Total Respondents 54 32
If you selected “Other strategy” above, please briefly describe the strategy. N=19
ACRL Diversity Alliance
Added diversity statement to librarian recruitment process.
As part of our recruiting efforts for our post-LIS residency program, we have visited the LIS program
at an HBCU. When visiting other library schools, we have contacted affinity groups at those schools to
specifically target students from underrepresented groups.
Directly invite diverse candidates to apply for positions.
Encourage diversity in selection of search committees.
Financial support is provided through tuition remission for all employees of the university system.
(University of Nebraska-Omaha provides the LIS program through the University of Missouri.)
HR has redacted names and any personal information from candidate resumes and applications so that
reviews and selections will be more objective and based more on skills and qualifications.
In 2014, university administration adopted a recommendation from the Diversity Council to add a
statement to further the goal of recruiting more diverse faculty. This is required and the UL complies.
Jointed the ACRL Diversity Alliance and have created a resident librarian position.
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