50 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
been reduced from two positions down to one. We have also worked to improve access to the Libraries’
collections and use of them by patrons through upgrades and additions to our adaptive technologies,
such as braille printers, a portable reading camera, and the installation of various assistive software to
our public workstations. We have also hosted a Human Library event for the past four years to celebrate
campus diversity and encourage inclusive dialogue.
We recently joined the ACRL Diversity Alliance and will be starting a diversity residency program
soon. We have hosted ARL diversity programs and try to recruit from these cohorts. We have a
comprehensive IT accessibility plan and have made changes in our website, purchasing procedures,
staff training, etc.
We’ve become more active and strategic in developing and providing programming for internal and
external audiences.
With the changing of job duties of the Diversity Librarian there has been a lack of leadership and plan.
The plan has not been updated since 2010.
With the creation of the diversity plan we have been more proactive in developing diversity-related
programs. Additionally, we are making our diversity efforts more visible to our users and employees.
31. Please indicate which factors have influenced changes in diversity/inclusion activities at your
library. Check all that apply. N=59
Changes in campus administration 38 64%
Changes in library leadership 34 58%
Budget issues 10 17%
Restructuring of organization 7 12%
Restructuring of administration 6 10%
Other factor 19 32%
Please briefly describe the other factor. N=19
A well-supported Office of Institutional Diversity made a huge difference.
Campus climate around diversity & inclusion warranted the changes.
Changes in national climate
Changes in staff makeup and committee membership
Changes in the political and economic worlds motivate us to have new approaches, more openness, and
more appreciation for equity and social justice.
Development of university and Libraries strategic plans with objectives to address student success,
inclusive excellence, and library culture.
Grassroots effort of staff and groups committed to diversity and inclusion.
Increased concerns on campus related to issues at the national level.
Increased staff interest and desire to develop diversity programming.
Increasing general interest in, and commitment to, diversity and inclusion.
Interest by individual librarians
It is the right thing to do.
Need to be responsive to state accountability requirements; renewed interest within the libraries
related to diversity/inclusion.
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