64 Representative Documents: Library Diversity Goals, Values, Statements
Inclusive Excellence Plan for the University Libraries
Inclusive Excellence Plan for the University Libraries
Prepared by: University Libraries Diversity Task Force
Amy Arenson
Clara Burns
Beth Dalton
Jennifer Knievel
Paul Moeller
Leslie Reynolds
Juleah Swanson (chair)
Date: July 1, 2016
Inclusive Excellence at the University Libraries
Inclusive Excellence at the University Libraries encompasses librarians and library employees,
physical spaces, and collections of digital and physical resources. The University Libraries
recognizes and affirms that inclusive excellence is part of our professional practice of
librarianship. The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework for
Information Literacy in Higher Education guides us in recognizing and instructing on how
information plays a role in inclusivity and excellence. Building community, cultivating openness,
and attaining a high quality of performance and service are aspects of inclusive excellence that
resonate strongly with the University Libraries.
Excellence at the University Libraries is to create spaces and provide services broadly,
individually, and inclusively, and to provide essential scholarly resources that enable students,
faculty, and the greater University of Colorado and Boulder community to discover and embrace
ideas and points of view that are not part of their native experience.
Current Strategies for Inclusive Excellence at the University Libraries
The University Libraries is uniquely positioned in the campus community as a dynamic partner
to all and envisions itself as the heart of higher education, providing essential scholarly
resources, user-centered services, and inclusive spaces.
Being a dynamic partner means engaging with and supporting students, faculty, and campus
beyond traditional roles of librarianship. Whether it is inviting therapy dogs to libraries during
finals or simply listening to a student who is struggling with a course assignment, those within
the University Libraries adapt their services to individual needs and contexts. Furthermore,
many within the Libraries advocate beyond library activities to strengthen the inclusivity of the
CU-Boulder community, from supporting the adoption of the EcoPass for all employees to
sponsoring and leading a salsa club for students.
Inclusive space is also a cornerstone of what inclusive excellence is for each of our six libraries
on campus. Both collaborative and quiet spaces are available to all students, meeting their
academic needs in ways that few other spaces on campus can. We continue to assess and
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