27 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Online Learning Center offers online, self-paced training and workshops.
Opportunities abound from other schools, and university resources.
Our campus provides training on a wide variety of topics through various committees, offices, cultural
houses, and departments. On any and every day of the week, library staff can attend workshops,
lectures, lunch discussions, etc. on topics dealing with all aspects of creating an inclusive workplace.
Our Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, and Resolution Services offers some trainings related
to diversity and inclusion. The campus LGBT Resource Center provides Safer People Safer Spaces
training workshops for university staff. These focus on improving climate, improving awareness of the
impacts of gendered and heteronormative language, and educating staff concerning gender identity or
other LGBTQA related issues. In addition, training is also available by request through the university’s
central HR office.
Our Office of Institutional Equity, Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, and International House all
offer multiple training opportunities.
Principles of Inclusivity, Understanding Inclusivity, Inclusive Communication, Generational
Inclusivity, Sexual Orientation &Gender ID, Accessible Communities, Inclusivity Capstone
Programming through Human Resources Development, Office for Inclusion and
Intercultural Initiatives
Provided mandatory “civility and mutual respect” training for all library staff.
Safe space, unconscious bias &cultural humility training
Safe zone, green zone, multicultural communication
Six specific diversity courses are offered by university Talent Management.
Speakers from campus units, a diversity series with outside speakers organized and funded by the
provost. Workshops provided by the chancellor’s committees on the status of women, blacks, LGBT,
Asian Americans, Latinos, and Persons with Disabilities.
Summer Institute on Diversity Education (SIDE) SafeZone Training
The intergenerational workplace Microaggression Intervention Training Multi-cultural fluency True
Impact of Race in Medicine
The library provides internal training on diversity topics. Support for leveraging diversity is included in
all supervisors’ performance plans, and training in performance management includes this.
The Office of University Organizational and Professional Development maintains a dedicated diversity
track with three certificate levels. Several library employees have attained certificates and attended
diversity development courses. The SafeZone program offers training around issues pertaining to the
LGBTQ+ community. The Intercultural Engagement Center and the Office for Inclusion and Diversity
host additional workshops across campus.
The university has organized conversations about race several times a year.
The university has recently developed a program on Critical Conversations for the campus community
focusing on issues such as unconscious/implicit bias, micro-aggressions, cultural appropriation,
and privilege.
The university has training that is required for all faculty and staff to take each year. TItle IX and
Sexual Misconduct training and Preventing Discrimination and Harassment. There are other optional
sessions offered by the Office of Equal Opportunity, for example: Civil Rights at Work Diversity Skills
for Collaboration Americans with Disabilities Act: An Overview and Preventing Sexual Harassment in
Your Workplace.
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