40 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Strategy Have used Most successful
Onboarding/orientation program for new staff 39 7
Leadership development and training opportunities 36 13
Mentoring program to help librarians attain advancement and/or tenure 31 10
Support membership in or engagement with parent institution diversity
affinity groups
29 9
Support membership in or engagement with ALA ethnic caucuses 21 5
Minority/diversity residency program 12 9
Writing workshops 8 0
Minority/diversity fellowship program 7 4
Other strategy 13 6
Total Respondents 48 29
If you selected “Other strategy” above, please briefly describe the strategy. N=13
An important strategy for us has been our director’s personal involvement and strong advocacy.
Challenging language in and requirements listed in job postings.
Having a diverse staff helps retain a diverse staff. Individuals from underrepresented groups are
not isolated or alone when there is broader diversity throughout the library and campus. Providing
opportunities such as affinity groups and diversity committees for those who wish to connect
or contribute in that way. Ensuring that supervisors and managers are welcoming, inclusive,
and respectful.
In light of recent changes in the national climate we initiated a series of open discussion forums for
employees to share their experiences with diversity and inclusion, and brainstorm ideas for how the
Libraries can contribute to a more positive climate.
Our library has joined the ACRL Diversity Alliance.
Residency program is being planned now with first hires in Spring 2018.
The library in 2014–2017 has offered several professional opportunities limited to applicants from
within its technician (support staff) ranks. This has helped the library retain some excellent employees
who would have left for opportunities at other institutions.
The UL has a mentoring program that supports each tenure-track untenured faculty member to
promotion and tenure; however, this program is for ALL untenured faculty, it is not limited to
diverse faculty.
These strategies are inclusive for all library employees. We have also specifically funded travel to and
participation in non-ALA events including “The Bench by the Road Project” sponsored by the Toni
Morrison Society, and the Society of American Archivists (SAA) “Liberated Archives.”
We became a member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. The library has
encouraged our faculty to participate in the weekly projects and workshops, and have sent a junior
faculty member to the Summer Boot Camp in order to assess its effectiveness for library faculty.
We have a writing group that all new librarians are encouraged to join. This is a support group to help
new librarians with their research and scholarly activity. It has been very successful and popular.
We have recently proposed a librarian career pathway for student workers in underrepresented groups.
Also, we became members of the ACRL Diversity Alliance in February and are still in the planning
stages for two residency positions.
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