33 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
There is a two-year visiting librarian position to help increase D&I in our special collections that
focuses on African-American collections. Once the DI plan is complete we will identify a budget to
support. The position is funded through salaries. Other funds will come from professional development
or operational funds.
We have had a diversity residency program for at least 10 years that supports a new librarian interested
in an academic library career. This program is funded through the general funds. We occasionally
sponsor exhibits and other outreach programs with support from grants.
18. Over the past five years has the level of funding increased, decreased, or stayed about the same?
Increased 16 46%
Decreased 2 6%
Stayed about the same 17 49%
Comments N=8
Campus funds support professional development and research for underrepresented faculty. In some
units (not the library), cluster hiring resulted in a cohort of related hires.
Funding for resident librarian program (2 positions)
Funding has been made available over the past five years.
In recent years, we have successfully applied for two ALA grants to host programs and traveling
exhibits that engage traditionally marginalized communities. We currently sponsor one Resident
Librarian through the Diversity Alliance pilot program.
Increased number of diversity residents. Increased number of programs and workshops. Increased
recruitment activities. Increased funding for travel & attendance at conferences focused on
diversity and inclusion. Increased number of individuals attending conferences focused on diversity
and inclusion.
The Diversity & Inclusion Specialist position was created in 2015 and a programming budget was
added to that position. The Library Diversity Council has been active for over 20 years and has a yearly
operating budget.
The library has engaged in a substantial interdisciplinary, inter-institutional public humanities project
by providing technical expertise, equipment, and space. The Colored Conventions Project identifies and
transcribes proceedings from the Colored Convention movement and makes the materials available to
students, scholars, and the community.
There is no longer a dedicated Diversity Librarian position as the previous person was promoted to a
chair position.
19. Please enter any additional comments you have about funding for library diversity/inclusion
initiatives/programs. N=16
Answered Yes N=10
Diversity initiatives go beyond the library. We are highly involved in programs on campus and have
been recognized as campus leaders in diversity.
Funding is primarily focused on our fellowship/residency program.
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