141 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Library Faculty Mentoring Program
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Be open to new ideas.
Communicate effectively and respectfully.
Give and receive constructive feedback.
Create and work toward a professional goal.
Plan and devise action steps to achieve goals.
Maintain professional standards.
Avoid over-commitment.
Stay positive in the face of setbacks.
Keep trust levels high through discretion and confidentiality.
Share knowledge willingly.
Contribute to a collaborative environment
Keep an appropriate perspective.
Maintain a sense of humor.
Appreciate the time constraints of colleagues.
Honor your agreements in a timely fashion.
In addition to the above, the following expectations/roles apply specifically to protégés:
Cultivate multiple mentors depending on need.
Ask for and accept help when needed.
Show initiative and take responsibility for own learning.
Understand that professional growth is a process that takes time.
Pay attention to your tenure clock.
Initiate meetings.
The following expectations/roles apply specifically to mentors:
Assist protégés in making plans and setting action steps to achieve goals.
Convey genuine interest in helping.
Perform gatekeeper function to open doors for protégés.
Question accepted practice, including your own.
Do not “pull rank”.
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