29 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Cornell Diversity Certificate
CUPA-HR has provided training attended by the HR Manager.
Diversity and Inclusion workshops through BC Library Association
Encourage staff to attend these opportunities at ARL, ALA, ACRL, etc.
In recent years, we have not taken advantage of any workshops offered by professional associations. We
have worked actively with the American Library Association to host sponsored programs, including
“Latino Americans: 500 Years of History” and “Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health
and Illness.”
Leadership Strategies Foundation Facilitation Training
LLAMA & ALA webinars
National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education conferences
National Diversity in Libraries conference
Society of Human Resource Management
Some staff have attended some webinars or other trainings through the American Library Association
(or other related organizations), though most of these have been on an individual level.
The Libraries has sent several librarians to the Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians from
Underrepresented Groups.
The library offers several webinars throughout the year sponsored by ALA and other professional
associations. These webinars cover all aspects of promoting an inclusive workplace.
This varies by specialty within librarianship and librarian preference and the support is available to
all faculty librarians, and is in the travel/professional development budget. In the past year, the UL
has supported travel for a faculty librarian request to attend the Minnesota Institute for Early Career
Librarians; and five librarians used their professional development funds to attend the National
Diversity in Libraries conference in August 2016.
Webinars from associations
Webinars, workshops at conferences
Workshops supported through professional development funds
Other training opportunity N=15
Annual Diversity Summit held by the university system offers several breakout sessions in addition to
keynote and special speakers.
Diversity & Inclusion Working Group Mini-Retreat with Mark Puente (ARL)
DJA Consultants
External consultants, such as DeEtta Jones and Veronda Pitchford, also educators in library science,
such as Nicole A. Cooke
Forum on Workplace Inclusion; Diversity 3.0
In the past, we have also brought in individual cultural diversity trainers/consultants to conduct
workshops for staff.
Jointly sponsored initiatives and bringing consultants in to give workshops.
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