133 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Group on Library Diversity (GOLD) Charge
Group on Library Diversity (GOLD) Charge
The Group on Library Diversity (GOLD) supports the University of Pennsylvania Libraries Diversity
Statement, including its commitment to foster and ensure a welcoming and respectful environment
for all library staff and users. GOLD provides training and informational programs, assists with the
recruitment process, and serves as a resource for raising awareness about diversity.
Mission and Responsibilities:
GOLD works with staff, Administrative Council, and the Libraries’ Human Resources Office to
promote and support a diverse workforce within the Libraries.
GOLD is charged with the following tasks and objectives:
Create an online presence for the Libraries’ diversity initiatives, including GOLD.
Assess and make proposals that improve the Libraries’ recruitment process, such as:
broaden the distribution of position postings; have the Libraries’ Affirmative Action
Compliance Officer aid search committees in their initial review of applicants; assist with
recruitment training that focuses on the benefits of a diverse staff.
Staff Engagement
Plan programs that reflect the Libraries’ commitment to diversity: staff training; guest
speakers; highlight the Libraries’ collections promoting diversity; community building
Encourage staff engagement in diversity initiatives.
Collaborate and build coalitions with the University and community groups that support
and celebrate diversity.
Establish an annual review process that monitors the progress of GOLD’s efforts.
o Review the Libraries’ recruitment, hiring, and retention practices.
o Review the University’s EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) report on the
o Consult with the Libraries’ Affirmative Action Compliance Officer on applicant pools
and hiring outcomes.
o Conduct staff surveys to assess the workplace climate and diversity related topics.
o Establish a benchmark for tasks and objectives as necessary.
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