46 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Culture review through external consultants
Excellence Canada survey and focus groups
Gallup participation two years
LibQUAL+, internal assessment
Local survey based on precursors to ClimateQUAL (U.Washington and U. Maryland surveys).
Open forum World Cafes to gather qualitative feedback on culture.
Outside consultant
Syndio, an online survey for assessing communication and staff engagement
While we have not initiated surveys at the library, we have used surveys done by the parent institution
to assess and inform our discussions on workplace climate, e.g., Collaborative on Academic Careers in
Higher Education (COACHE) survey and those done by the Women’s Faculty Council.
29. Has your library used the results of these or any other assessment efforts to change the diversity
plan and/or diversity/inclusion programs? N=65
Yes 19 29%
Not yet, but we plan to 21 32%
No 25 39%
30. Please briefly describe how your library’s diversity/inclusion initiatives or programs have
changed over the last five years. N=60
A newly formed committee focused on Diversity &Inclusion.
A series of Diversity Task Forces (2013–2014 2016) in the last five years has resulted in assessment of
the library culture creation of an Inclusive Excellence Plan and the formation of a standing body, the
Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Working group.
Actively being discussed at Library All Staff Meetings, programs are announced to all staff members
and encouraged to attend.
Added a residency program joined Diversity Alliance funding for travel to National Diversity in
Libraries conference committed to one year of continuing education topics on diversity and inclusion.
Around 2009 our diversity committee was disbanded. As a new dean, I hope to begin these efforts
again in conjunction with our strategic planning efforts to begin in fall 2017.
Created a Diversity and Inclusion Council, launched a Leadership Academy, created a detailed
mentoring/coaching program.
Current intense focus on recruitment through retention to see what best practices can be incorporated,
as well as training possibilities.
Diversity Advisory Committee and diversity and inclusion initiatives/programs have changed from
focusing on social responsibility to specific strategic goals and initiatives based on our internal climate
assessment of our organization, which in turn informed our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.
Libraries senior leadership has charged the Diversity Advisory Committee to work towards a more
diverse/inclusive workplace.
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