15 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Libraries’ Strategic Plan 2017–2020
Library Strategic Plan
Not only is it part of our strategic plan, but is also a working document for our professional development
activities and yearly goals for staff.
Part of several documents, including: “Statement on diversity,” charge to the Committee for the
Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion, and “Creating a Social Justice Mindset: Diversity, Inclusion, and
Social Justice in the Collections Directorate of the MIT Libraries.” Our mission statement is presently
under revision, but will include this element.
Strategic Plan for the University Libraries (2015–2017)
Parent institution document N=6
A Distinguished Past, a Distinctive Future University of Waterloo Strategic Plan. Strategic Plan
for Equity
Diversity is included in the university and the library strategic plan.
Toward New Destinations: Cornell’s institutional diversity planning initiative
University’s Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Statement
University’s Strategic Plan
We follow the policies statements here: https://www.edi.nih.gov/policy/about. The most recent one is
from January 2017.
Additional comments N=5
Elements are included in strategic planning documents each year.
For all of the below reasons note that we “will” include, as we just put the committee together and will
conduct orientation in August.
If the library develops a diversity/inclusion plan, it will align with the mandate and initiatives of the
broader university’s plan.
The annual goals for diversity are also incorporated into the library’s annual strategic initiatives.
The principles of the document are embodied in the Library of Congress Strategic Plan for 2016–2020
and on the Library of Congress Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Programs.
6. Please describe the elements that are included in the plan. N=42
Goals &strategies 36 86%
Diversity definition 31 74%
Mission or value statement 30 71%
Committee charge 23 55%
Organization responsibility &accountability 23 55%
Positions dedicated to diversity/inclusion initiatives 13 31%
Description of diversity programs for library staff 13 31%
Other element 14 33%
Please briefly describe the other element. N=14
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