143 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Wayne State University Libraries Mentoring Program
o Dossier preparation and review of drafts
o Who are these people, and what do they do? (New librarians
have a lot of names thrown at them)
o Teams
! Suggest possible ones to join
! What are expectations for participation?
o Connection to HR and Business Affairs (travel)
o What do you need?
Bring to meetings (including leadership, instruction, consultations)
Review scholarly articles (if any), presentations, grant proposals
Goal setting and monitoring progress
o Difficulty adjusting to a self-directed position
o "Here are some things you can do"
o Brainstorming
o "How can we improve this?"
o "Am I doing something wrong?"
o New librarians are concerned that everyone else is busy
Discuss career path plan--ask them to sketch out where they would like
to be in the libraries in one, five, and ten years
! EP&T mentor
Help with the dossier
o What activities fall under which categories?
! How do you distinguish between them?
! What is community service vs. university service?
o What is considered worthy of dossier material and what is not?
o Feedback on the outcome
Topics of conversation
o What does it mean to be in a union?
o What is shared governance?
o ESS and promotion
! What level of work is expected to get ESS?
! Counterexamples of people who didn’t make ESS
o Factors—professional achievement and service
o Sponsor dossier workshop
! Late January/early February
! Coordinate within EP&T
! Demystifying dossier
! What is the purpose of the dossier?
! How does the EP&T Committee review it?
! How do we write the annual letter?
! The process is more human and less bureaucratic
o Academic calendar: guidance and documentation on elections
and timelines
o Contractual committees—what's expected of the members?
o What do you need?
o Timeline
! Ask how frequently the mentee would like to meet
! One year of a formal program
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