31 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
White Privilege: A 21st Century Leadership Capacity and Introduction to Strategic Questioning: A
Strategy for Social Justice Institutional Opportunity &Access training opportunity Harassment,
Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Sexual Violence Reporting Obligations for New Faculty and
Staff, Unconscious Bias Training, Understanding IOA Policies and the Complaint Investigation Process
The HR search committees are also made up of diverse and different staff throughout the library.
University librarian works with the ARL Diversity program as a mentor. HR staff member’s title and
job description were changed to include the initiatives of diversity and inclusion for the library staff and
students: Diversity, Campus Partners, and HR Development Team Leader
The Libraries has formed a Diversity and Inclusion Working Group to work on the results from
ClimateQUAL and to collaborate with Libraries HR, CMEP, and Office of Equal Opportunity.
The Libraries’ Diversity Committee has sponsored a variety of activities to promote an inclusive
workplace. These include hosting workshops, organizing groups to attend campus events and visit
campus exhibitions, creating e-board content related to monthly diversity observances.
The library invests in recruiting diverse applicant pools for all posted vacancies.
The library makes excellent use of the library’s diversity committee to develop and host programs on
inclusion and related cultural awareness issues.
The library works closely with the university administration on diversity and inclusion initiatives.
The topics covered by all of these groups include everything from having crucial conversations to
creating a safe and empathetic work environment to working with colleagues from a variety of different
backgrounds and identities.
We are launching an informal lunch series entitled “Diversity Cafe” after testing the concept within the
Library Diversity Committee. We hope to conduct another climate survey in the near future.
We do several trainings/workshops in response to local and world events. For example, we had a
post election workshop that allowed anyone wishing to participate a chance to come and share their
We have found it very helpful to have campus partnerships to help us identify possible training, and to
also provide relevant training for our staff.
We have requested approval to be granted by the administration to add a librarian position to be
dedicated to the ACRL Diversity Resident program. We are awaiting approval. We also conduct
training related to inclusion, have diversity and inclusion as part of our core values, and partner with
student organizations such as the Student Disabilities Resource Center.
15. Does your library have funding dedicated specifically to supporting diversity/inclusion initiatives
or programs? This funding could be in support of professional development, programming or
workshops, recruitment, training, etc. N=67
Yes 35 52%
No 32 48%
If yes, please answer the following three questions.
If no, please continue to the next section.
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