42 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Due to issues with promotion and tenure and opportunity for advancement, we have lost faculty. We
have not focused on diverse staff attrition.
Lack of affinity groups. Mentoring program has been facing challenges.
Lack of diversity in library, campus, and local community
Location of state, state politics, and guns on campus
Many advancement opportunities exist for underrepresented minorities. We have very few
opportunities for advancement to higher levels and so individuals go elsewhere to find those upper level
positions. Past perceptions that underrepresented minorities were not treated fairly still persist. We are
trying to change that perception. It’s slow progress.
Our appointments as faculty bring added complexity to the work of librarians. The mentoring program,
the writing groups, individual liaisons from the Promotion & Tenure Committee, and a variety of
workshops help colleagues to feel motivated, supported, and valued.
Our salaries are not competitive enough.
Recruiting and retaining diverse groups of employees has been problematic because the applicant pool
is not diverse.
Retention in general is an issue for our organization as staff employees can only get promoted through
open recruitment. This often means that individuals have to leave the department in order to get a
higher title or pay.
Rural location
Salary levels; availability of permanent positions; regional obstacles (some areas have limited
community opportunities and engagement)
Small community that doesn’t offer sufficient personal resources for some underrepresented employees.
The current climate of North Carolina’s state government, including the passage of HB2, has also hurt
our retention efforts.
The local community is not very diverse, creating a sense of isolation.
The major obstacle is budgetary. The library simply did not have funds to fill many positions. In the
past three years we have been able to fill more professional and advanced technical positions, greatly
improving our ability to retain a diverse group of employees.
We are willing to hire diverse librarians with no professional experience. Once they have professional
experience, they are able to get jobs in more prestigious libraries in more exciting cities with
better weather.
We have lost some diverse employees due to the climate surrounding diversity issues in the state.
We have lost two URM in the last year.
We just don’t see them in our applicant pools.
We’re nowhere near as diverse as is our student population.
Additional comment N=1
None noted in the last four years. We did very little hiring up until a few years ago, so we have a large-
ish cohort going through the promotion and tenure process right now. So far, retention hasn’t been
a problem.
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