144 Representative Documents: Mentoring Programs
Wayne State University Libraries Mentoring Program
! Informal afterwards
Mentorship Malpractice (from Chopra & Saint in March 29, 2017 HBR:
o Taking credit for your mentees’ ideas or usurping lead position on their projects
Insisting that your mentees advance your projects rather than allowing them to develop
their own work
Handcuffing your mentee to your timeline, slowing their own progress when you are
slow to get back to them
o Discouraging your mentees from seeking other mentors, which may stoke your ego but
isolate them from broader learning and recognition
Allowing mentees to repeat common self-destructive mistakes without reining in such
behavior (See https://goo.gl/ZfsG5J)
o Organizational outcomes?
o Training?
o Determine success criteria
! Impact
! Ongoing need
! Cost/benefit
! Satisfaction
Formative assessment after six months to capture how the relationship is working
! Offer an exit ramp
! Conversation about expectations
! This isn't working, but we can go away friends
! Offer to find someone else
! Are there changes that you would recommend we make?
Paul and Rachael conduct the assessment
! Anonymize the data
! Share summaries with the associate dean

Associate Dean tasks
Quarterly meetings of librarians who don't have ESS
! Answer any questions they might have
! Can be intimidating to ask more experienced librarians
o Annual meetings of mentors
! Share best practices
! Discuss common experiences and problems
o Help people understand the organization
! Workshops at various parts of the library system—give people knowledge about
other people's job functions
Open invitation for everyone
Make sure new librarians can attend
Anyone else is then free
May 2017
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