72 Representative Documents: Library Diversity Goals, Values, Statements
Libraries Strategic Plan 2012–2020: Mission, Vision, Values
LSU Libraries Strategic Plan 2012 |3
Serving the flagship institution of the state, the LSU Libraries provides foundational support for the
academic core of Louisiana State University. Library staff organize, preserve, and share resources to
meet the information needs of the university community, providing access to resources essential to
teaching, research, and service. Our buildings provide both the physical space and the intellectual
environment for students, faculty, and staff to meet, engage, learn, and create new knowledge. Library
staff go beyond the role of information gate-keepers, teaching important information literacy and
research skills and proactively preserving our region’s history and culture. Reaching beyond the
university community, we extend information services to the state and make our unique holdings
available to the world.
As economic forces and technological innovation bring major change to higher education, the LSU
Libraries will transform itself so that it can continue to provide essential resources, both physical and
intellectual, to support the students, faculty, and staff of the university in their pursuit of excellence.
We will
use our specialized expertise in information management to maximize access to needed
extend our teaching role to provide students with information literacy skills they need to
achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal development.
provide leadership in organizing, preserving and providing access to scholarship, research, and
creative works produced at the university.
collaborate with teaching and research faculty, with business and industry, and with other
libraries and organizations in order to share resources and better serve our constituents.
capitalize on the unique history and environment of Louisiana and LSU to enhance the LSU
Libraries’ reputation as one of the top research libraries in the country.
Pursuing our mission, we will value and promote
an organizational culture of flexibility, fairness, collegiality, communication, diversity, and
a service-oriented culture that makes the needs of LSU’s students, faculty, and staff its highest
information literacy and other skills needed for lifelong learning
strong and diverse information resources and collections that support the university’s mission
and preserve of the unique history and culture of Louisiana and the lower Mississippi Valley
ongoing planning, evaluation, and change to maintain improvement and respond to the
changing needs of the university
engagement with the university community, the public, and the profession of librarianship to
promote positive change.
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