37 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
Answered No N=10
Although the post MLS residency program was intended to hire diverse faculty in the UL, we were
prohibited from limiting the position to only diverse candidates. This program ceased in 2008.
Demographic information on applicants is not shared by university HR.
Not sure because of my limited time here.
The areas of growth have become more and more selective and niche in various fields of librarianship.
The information is unclear on how it is tracked.
There has been an increase in male applicants, but the number of racially diverse applicants has
remained mostly unchanged.
There is no method of tracking this in place, so this is anecdotal. We have seen an increase over the past
10–20 years.
They have remained approximately the same.
This is difficult to assess within our institution [due to] lack of data regarding applicant pools.
We don’t track the diversity of our hiring pools.
Additional comments N=8
Unable to identify data to support responding to this question.
We do not have data to demonstrate an increase or decrease.
We don’t have the data to answer this question.
We don’t know because we do not track this data at the library level. Our Institutional Diversity, Equity,
and Affirmative Action office monitors this information.
We have not analyzed any data yet to determine the success of our recruitment efforts in the area
of diversity.
We haven’t kept stats on this, and I’ve only been here four years, so it’s hard to say.
22. Has your library encountered any perceived barriers to recruiting diverse applicants for vacant
positions? N=59
Yes 37 63%
No 22 37%
If yes, please briefly describe the barrier and any success the library has had in overcoming it.
Occasionally, barriers may be prevalent due to tendency to look for commonalities in the candidate.
There is the possibility of subconscious bias at work that we may not be aware of. Claims that there are
no minorities in applicant pool. Sometimes minorities may not be screened in because (a) others more
qualified were selected for interviews, (b) some minorities didn’t meet minimum qualifications.
Additional requirements and longer timelines for recruiting internationally.
Applicant pool of librarians is already not very diverse and geography works against us. Our
local community is not particularly diverse and that discourages some from applying or from
accepting offers.
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