36 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Recruiting early career librarians (rather than requiring the standard 3–5 years experience) allows the
most diverse applicant pools.
Recruiting in venues that attract diverse audiences.
Target job ads to be distributed on ethnic caucus and other related listservs such as APALA, BCALA,
ACRL Residency Interest Group, etc.
Targeting specific listservs and job boards, highlighting diversity on website, diversity statement in
postings, direct person-to-person recruitment efforts.
The library participated very successfully in the CIRLA (Chesapeake Information and Research
Library Alliance) post-LIS fellowships that concluded several years ago. Several CIRLA Fellows
gained permanent jobs at the library and at least one, a member of a minority group, has moved into
management here.
Through personal invitation to apply for positions within the libraries.
We are piloting a residency program beginning FY2018.
We have been experimenting with redacting different information from resumes in the initial stages
of review.
We recently revised our position advertisements to include expanded, explicit statements about the
value we place on diversity, and inviting candidates who identify as being from underrepresented
groups to apply.
We target diverse organizations and listservs.
21. Have applicant pools at your library become more diverse in the last five years? N=55
Yes 29 53%
No 26 47%
Comments N=24
Answered Yes N=8
Anecdotally, yes.
Increased pools are due both to campus and library efforts.
It is still a struggle.
Largely due to the university’s outreach and establishment of a partnership with the city.
Pools are increased in diversity. Hiring statistics remain flat for all but African American, which
is down.
This is difficult to measure because the library did little hiring from external postings for professional
positions from 2003 through 2013. The library has increased its external professional hiring in
2014–2017 and has actively recruited for diversity. Since 2014, the library has implemented veterans’
preference, which as implemented here allows extra credit for military service. Veterans tend to be a
diverse group.
We have also relied on our staff to help us recruit diverse candidates.
Yes, but I have no data to support that feeling.
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