142 Representative Documents: Mentoring Programs
Wayne State University Libraries Mentoring Program
Wayne State University Libraries Mentoring Program
o Enhance growth and development
o Provide guidance and experience-based wisdom
o Increase interpersonal competence
o Understand mentor-mentee power dynamic (I know more and you know less)
!Mentees are not empty vessels
Mentors are entering a mentee's life in mid-stream
Where are they coming from?
!People have the solutions within them they need the guide on the side
Mentees will have times when they need specific advice
Generally don't offer suggestions, but remain positive
Open ended questions—"why do you think that?"
Have the mentee work through the problem on their own
!Exploring backgrounds and differences helps create a more honest relationship
Underrepresented individuals can feel they are not being heard
Share about yourself
!Establish the relationship
To mentee: What would you like to get out of the programs? What is
your agenda?
Match it against expectations and reach consensus
!Connect mentees to your network—you don't need the solution yourself
o Assignment
!Associate Dean assigns first mentor—ideally in the same unit
!EP&T assigns second mentor
o Goals
Safe person to discuss issues
Help with the culture
o Do you eat at your desk?
o Is there a group meal?
o Dress code?
o Can I leave the building to get some coffee?
o Protocol for leaving the building for meetings (Email people?
Leave note? Calendar?)
o Emergency closure notifications
o Context around a building tour—what do your neighbors do?
o Opportunities for collaboration
Topics of conversation
o Evaluation process
o Organizational culture and environment
o Job performance factors with interpretation of expectations of
excellence, reliability, initiative, and collaboration
o Targeted PA and Service opportunities
!Where are good outlets for presentations?
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