10 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Prepared at the request of a campus-wide diversity initiative.
The University Library has a diversity strategic plan. The initial plan was formulated in 2011 and
has been revised twice since then. The strategic goals have also been incorporated into the library’s
strategic initiatives.
These are separate documents, not a cohesive diversity plan. They include a library staff vision plan, the
library strategic plan, and inclusion statement.
University-wide series of documents
We do not have a single document as described, but we do have most of the elements in place.
We had a Diversity Task Force who put together a report and recommendations. We now have an
Equity and Diversity Committee and subcommittees implementing the recommendations of the task
force. One of the subcommittees of the EDC is a Strategic Diversity Task Force, which will look at
building an ongoing plan.
We have a plan that is part of our Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) workgroup and one that is part
of our libraries’ strategic priorities and an overarching plan set forth by the university.
We have had one for five years. In the process of updating and rewriting.
Answered Not Yet N=5
A statement about a commitment to diversity is included in the library’s strategic plan.
Draft plan created in 2005 but wasn’t formalized; we are looking to develop a new one.
Preliminary document is under review.
We have an older plan that has not been updated substantially since 2008 or 2009. A 2012 revision of
the libraries’ strategic plan also provides direction for diversity efforts.
While we have a diversity committee and our libraries’ strategic plan includes commitment to diversity,
we do not have an articulated diversity inclusion plan.
Answered No N=5
Our most recent strategic plan for the University Libraries (2016–2019) includes a paragraph of
continuing education for employees, including “education that advances the development of an
inclusive and diverse community.” Our parent institution has a diversity strategic plan (2013–2018)
and a general strategic plan with a goal to “foster a diverse and inclusive community that supports
mutual respect.” This work is primarily reflected in the charter of the University Libraries Diversity
Council, a standing group that reports to the dean of libraries. Beyond “fostering a diverse and inclusive
community,” none of our guiding documents outline specific plans, goals, or programs for this work.
The Libraries has an affirmative action plan, which is administered by the university’s Office of
Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED). The university has recently appointed a new vice provost for
this area who will likely develop a broader plan, at which time the Libraries will participate.
There are pieces of plan spread across the strategic plan, our ClimateQUAL survey and results, and
university diversity/inclusion statements.
This idea is under consideration for development, but it’s not yet an active plan.
Until 2015, each university unit prepared a document titled “A Framework to Foster Diversity” similar
to what is described above. In 2015 a university-wide decision to integrate diversity planning into
strategic planning was made reflecting our value that diversity is not a stand-alone item, but relates to
everything we do.
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