76 Representative Documents: Library Diversity Goals, Values, Statements
Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan 2016–2018
http://libi.lib.umd.edu/sites/default/files/UMD Libraries Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan
2016-2018_ REVISED 1_9_17_0.pdf
Goal 3: Outreach/Awareness

Objective 3a: Work with various diversity groups on campus that represent minority populations
host an event, partner with them for an activity, showcase an appropriate library collection, or
any other related activity. (Fall 2017)
Objective 3b: Partner with various diversity groups on campus to promote the Libraries as a
welcoming, inclusive, and safe space. (Fall 2017)
Objective 3c: Reach out to high schools with underrepresented populations to promote
librarianship as a career choice. (Spring 2018)
Objective 3d: Foster collaborative partnerships with high school media specialists to exchange
ideas and best practices on diversity initiatives. (Spring 2018)
Goal 4: Education and Training
Objective 4a: Define/promote the importance and benefits of having a diverse work force.
(Spring 2017)
Objective 4b: Maintain ongoing partnership with UMD ODI to provide an educational program
focusing on relevant topics in order to increase awareness. (Ongoing)
Objective 4c: Be responsive to current events surrounding diversity and inclusion by providing
forums for discussion among library employees, and ensuring all employees have equal
opportunities to participate. (Ongoing)
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