56 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
We have incorporated selected concepts into our strategic plan. The Diversity Council has also drawn
goals from these guidelines. We have much more work to do.
We have used those to help us with the rewrite of our diversity plan.
We reviewed them when creating our diversity plan.
We use the standards as a resource for determining areas for staff development activities.
We’ve used as a reference starting place.
35. Please enter any additional information about diversity and inclusion plans and programs at your
library that may assist the authors in accurately analyzing the results of this survey. N=27
Although we have done very little in the past 10 years to address diversity beyond supporting staff
to participate at university-level initiatives, I hope to bring more attention to this issue during our
strategic planning activities, commencing in fall 2017.
Currently, we rely largely on the institute-wide programs to foster an environment of diversity and
inclusion, and at this time don’t create additional programmatic initiatives specific to the library. We
don’t have any targeted recruiting initiatives towards diverse applicants, but in the future, hope to
create fellowships that target diverse candidates.
In fall of 2016, the university librarian made a call to create the Diversity & Inclusion Working
Group, which is charged with researching issues of diversity & inclusion for our library system and
making recommendations to the administration on how to proceed. The plans include strategies
around staffing/hiring/retention, user services (faculty & students), programming & exhibitions, and
collection development.
In spring 2017, the campus participated in an external review on diversity and inclusion requested by
the chancellor. One recommendation from this review is for the campus to “develop a diversity equity
strategic plan or framework aligned with the University Strategic Planning efforts that builds upon the
work of previous diversity-planning efforts.” These efforts will probably take place over the next two
years, and the Library Diversity Committee will look for direction from the campus regarding creating
a Diversity Strategic Plan for the library.
In the fall of 2016, the parent institution announced the development of an Indigenous Strategy, which
is now being adopted across campus. The library has hired an indigenous student to work on related
projects and acquired collections of interest to the indigenous community.
Libraries have a popular social justice LibGuide. Libraries have added gender inclusive restrooms in the
two most heavily used libraries. Libraries have added reflection rooms in the two largest libraries on
campus. Libraries have added lactation rooms in the two busiest libraries.
Little overt support is given formally to the efforts of the committee to meet our goals/plan.
Membership on the committee is voluntary, and considered “extra” to folks’ regular duties. However,
all financial requests have been met, with some exceptions due to the high cost of a proposal.
Living in a large cosmopolitan city, we have more diversity throughout the university. We have
much work to do but the university is very supportive and this is a recent development since our new
president (of the university) took over in 2016.
Our diversity plan was first written in 2006, and updated in 2010–2011. An in-house climate survey
was done prior to 2006; the 2011 plan included a survey but this was not conducted due to changing
priorities. Current diversity goals are included in our new strategic plan. A campus-wide student
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