51 SPEC Kit 356: Diversity and Inclusion
No change in administration, just new focus on improving our efforts.
Specific hires with interest in D&I issues and advocacy.
Student activism
The university formed a task force to explore diversity, inclusion, and equity throughout the university.
They have made recommendation for very lofty goals that will certainly challenge and motivate us to
drive change in the next few years.
The university’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion has helped everyone on campus become more
aware of the importance of diversity/inclusion activities.
There was a racially charged incident on campus, and this has led to the creation of a campus Office of
Community. This office has driven a number of campus initiatives of which the library is part.
32. Please briefly describe how your library has responded to social movements (such as Black Lives
Matter, immigration, or the Dakota Access Pipeline protest) within the last five years. N=52
Actions based on Truth and Reconciliation Report.
Although the campus has not seen the depth of emotion that has impacted other campuses, our
Diversity and Inclusion Council was created to increase cultural literacy on campus and within the
libraries in part to prepare for a time when emotional events occur on campus.
As a government agency, the Library of Congress documents social movements through its collections,
but it cannot “respond” to social or political trends.
As an institution, we have hosted temporary exhibits on these movements, presented community
workshops on the role of librarians in social justice campaigns, and sponsored speaker series
in collaboration with other university entities. Individual employees have participated in
additional efforts.
Attempts have been made and questions have been asked how to get involved by faculty and staff.
Individuals have chosen to become more involved. The Libraries did not issue any public statements
regarding these movements.
Beginning in December 2016, the UIUC Library has played a significant role in creating a countywide
community library social action group with the following vision: “We envision a just, equitable, and
anti-oppressive community in Champaign County, central Illinois, and beyond where all library &
information workers are active agents for change.” All four members of the Steering Team are UIUC
Library staff.
BLM book display Hate Has No Home Here signs other inclusive signage
By starting projects such as DataRefuge, so that information remains freely available.
Classes, exhibitions, and programs on black activism and the arts. LGBTQ collections integrated in
classes and exhibitions. Hosted events by campus organizations focused on social justice.
Efforts have included book and poster displays, online resource guides, and exhibits. We have also
provided a welcoming space for related student protests, exhibits, and events.
Email address by the university librarian re: immigration and election. Supported Data Refuge
efforts. Communications and training on how to verify news sources (fake news). Created gender-
neutral restrooms.
Exhibits, partnerships with campus cultural affinity groups, book talks
Fairly quiet
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