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York University
Welcome to York Libraries, new hire!
Pan-Library Meetings
Listed in the YUL Google Calendar, which can be viewed and printed from the staff
home page, or visit:
Christina encourages Librarians and Department Heads to use the Google calendar for
scheduling, and to give ulo.yorku access to see their free and busy time. It helps
decide the best times for meetings, invitations can be sent and pan-library events can
be sent directly to the staff web page.
Library Management Committee
- monthly on the 3rd Monday
- Librarian Department Heads and CPMs
- (see enclosed agenda/notes)
Library Forum
- monthly on the 2nd Tuesday
- all Librarians and CPMs
III. York University Libraries
Staff intranet
here you’ll find the YUL google calendar, staff phone & email list, Committee pages,
policies and other useful information.
YUL Google Calendar:
The YUL calendar is public..
*we use this for:
listing pan-library events
checking librarians’ availability
scheduling meetings b/w librarians and ULO people. (using a Private ULO calendar)
updating branch hours
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